7 lakhs for Teri Mari Ranu can be seen in the house of Big Boss

He went viral on social media after singing 'Par Ka Nagma Hai' at Ranaghat station. From Ranaghat station go straight to Bollywood. You can understand what is being said about the Ranu Mandal. Himesh Reshammeyer sings 'Teri Marie', the rune-circle in the flash of the camera. Do you know how much Rani Mandal got for singing Himesh Reshammira?
According to the report, Ranu got Rs 3-5 lakh from singing with Himesh Reshmiya. Ranu refused to take the remuneration when he first saw the money. Himesh Reshamia then forcefully handed over the remuneration to Ranu Mandal.
It is heard that Ranu can be seen in the house of 'Big Boss' this time. The 'Big Boss' is set to begin on September 23. It is reported that Ranu Mandal of Ranaghat has received the call of Salman himself to join the Bigg Boss Season 1. However, nothing has been reported on the show's creator yet. Ranu Mandal did not open his mouth.

Amazon Fire-How did the Amazon fire start?

For the past few days, the Amazon rainforest fire has taken the night out of environmentalists and government, regardless of the country. Originally, the fire started by clearing farmers' agricultural land. The fire is now showing the Brazilian president's policy and anti-environmental role.
Beginning with the Amazon rainforest, the fire has begun to affect the northern most populated areas, such as Rhondonia and Acre. The whole area is covered with smoke, the sunlight is not coming. Extreme odors and sounds are being found along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) says forest fires in the area have nearly doubled since the 20th century, and have increased by about 8 percent this time last year. This year alone, 12, 5 fire incidents have been reported by the agency. Over the past few days, more than 6,000 fires have been reported, they said.
The weekly Brazil de Fato newspaper reports that farmers were encouraged by Bolsono's anti-environmental statements. They celebrated the fireside on the highway that shattered the rainforest. The report quoted a local newspaper as saying that local farmers caught fire in a part of the rainforest a few days ago and caught the government's attention. One farmer was quoted in the report. "We want to show the president that we want work. We set fire to make our statement clear. "
Alberta Setzer, a researcher at INPE, told Reuters this year that the weather in the area is not too dry. "In dry weather, the fire can spread quickly, but the fire is first put out by people, either intentionally or by accident."
Amazon's fire is so huge that it can be seen from space. The images NASA released on August 4 show the flames spreading, and the satellite has identified the increase in flames in July and August.
Bolsonaro dismisses INPE's research. He said that during this time of the year, farmers set fire to the cultivated land. Brazilian President Ricardo Gavlao sacked INPE scientist in July. Ricardo's crime was that the amount of deforestation that he saw was increasing in his published data. Bolsonaro falsified this information and said that the pictures appearing with the report are fake. Al Jazeera quoted the English Bolsonarek. Such reports, which are not credible, can be extremely detrimental to Brazil's image.
Germany and Norway have stopped sending money to Amazon for forestry programs. Brazil is not trying to save their allegations from the forest. Environmental activists and various indigenous groups are protesting. He has also been widely criticized for his comments and policies.

Bolsonaro was elected president on January 28. In the election campaign, he said his government would open the Amazon area for business. Amazon has a huge amount of gold and other minerals. In addition to adopting policies to increase agricultural business, Bolsonaro opposed protecting the land for the primitive tribes. According to a Washington Post report months before the win, Bolsonaro proposed to exploit the country's natural resources in the Amazon basin. After winning, he said, "Brazil will not sit on its natural resources because some Indians want to be saved."
Under Brazil's forest regulations of the year 6, farmers can buy Amazon's land but cultivate 20 percent of its area. After the fall of the military dictatorship in the 5th, the new constitution granted the legal ownership of the land to the primitive inhabitants of the area. They are entitled to reject the development of their land. Forests were amended in 212. This amendment reduces the amount of waste that was previously required to be returned. The punishment for the destruction of the forest is also reduced by the illegal father. The Brazilian Supreme Court agreed to the changes in 20.

"Mom is a celebrity now" History of Ranu Mondal ranaghat to mumbai

Wear impeccable clothing, Ushko dull hair. But netizens are fascinated by his voice. Right now viral ranaghat's runu song in the net world. The video shows the life of Ranu Maria Mandal surrounded by poverty. So spend his days at the station or platform. Sitting there, he sang Ye Payar Ka Nagma Hai. The video of the song was viral straight from Mumbai.
The melody of Ranu's song is truly startling. Poor, impure garments, all these things have gone ahead with the song of Ranu. On the way to the Ranaghat platform, people gave him 2-5 taka while singing. This is how the stomach runs out. His talent went viral on social media. And then the netizens became fascinated by his harmonious neck. Not just on the platform now. Many people are gathering in his house.
The runner of a family of scarcity. He also had a daughter. But she also forgot about her daughter who lost her mental balance. But now it is Ranu's turn to start life again. Ranu has been contacted by a private channel in Mumbai. But Ranu has no identity card for the mentally unbalanced rune. Identity card is required if you are traveling abroad or abroad. So it is becoming a hindrance to his progress.
But he does not give importance to all, Ranu is singing in his own mind. Sometimes love is Nagma, sometimes Bande Mataram, how much more! But in the meantime, his daughter sometimes reads his mind. Daughter Swati Roy said. Soon he will come to see her. In the middle of the song, the girl is waiting for her day.
The appearance of the mother wandering on the TV screen, the mother singing, the puffy hair, dry face. The news of the mother's viral has reached the daughter Sathi Roy. Just then you will come to visit. The girl kept talking. The daughter met her mother on Monday morning. The mother gave the girl a song. Rana Mandal, the mother of Ranaghat, was swept away by the embrace of the girl.
However, there is a competition for music on various television channels to find out all the great talent that is hidden in every corner of the country. There are many talented children from there But beyond that, there are many whose talent is worth looking into And thanks to social networking sites like Facebook!

Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya True Story

Flight of dreams, Runyu is playing back in Bollywood
Nadia Ranu Mandal, who got celebrity medal overnight on social media, shared the song with Himesh Reshammiya.
Runu sang 'Teri mari kahani' in the recording studio.
Ranu sings the song "Teri mari kahani" in the upcoming Bollywood movie Happy Hardy and Hir.

On July 25, Ranu became famous overnight on social media by singing a song by Lataji. In the last one month, the number of viewers has reached nearly billions. Even ordinary people from different parts of the country, many talented artists are praising the singer. Himesh had promised to run the song on the superstar Singer's stage.

The dream that he would become such a person might not even think of himself Viral singer Ranu Mondal sang the first song with Himesh Reshammiya. Ranuhat, who went viral, showed that he had a knack for getting guns. It showed that it doesn't take long to change fate if it is from true talent.
Singer Imesh Reshmmiya shared the video of the recording on his Twitter and wrote a recording of the song for his own film Happy Hardy. Himesh himself acted in the film. And Ranu is backing up the play.

Today, this road is nothing less than a dream for him to beg at Ranaghat station. He got the attention of many overnight as a video of his song was released.
Ranu Mondal was married to Babul Mandal of Mumbai. She returned to Ranaghat after her husband died. He used to sing at the train station. Then the video of his song went viral on Facebook. This time, Ranu arrived straight from Mumbai's song recording studio.

10 Places You Have To Visit At least Once in Your Life.

Everyone loves to travel, discover the beautiful places in the world, to be one with nature and to let loose and live. Also, everyone has their dream vacation, cities, countries, visually stunning monuments or beautiful natural wonders that they have to visit once in their lives.
1. Lake Hillier, Australia

You must have seen blue and green lakes but have you ever seen a pink one? Lake Hillier in Australia has a striking pink color, which is caused by the presence of an organism called Dunaliella salina. You will get the best view from the top, parachutes, helicopters and others.

2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

This beautiful circular bell tower for the Pisa Cathedral, situated in the city of Pisa, Italy which is constructed in white marble, has completely has sunken into the soft ground, and so it is leaning on one side, giving the impression of peeking out from behind the cathedral.

3. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, North Island, New Zealand

This beautiful sight has nothing to do with stars, hard as though it may be to believe. New Zealand has a unique type of glowworm Arachnocampa luminosa and they are perfectly exhibited in the Waitomo Caves. Enjoy a beautiful boat ride while being serenaded by the small tiny and extremely luminous glowworms.

4. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

This classical monument is a beautiful and exquisite piece of Roman history. A gift from the Flavian Dynasty to the Romans, this amphitheatre was used for 4 centuries for the Roman games, after which it started to get abandoned slowly and hence almost two thirds of the whole amphitheatre have fallen and broken down. The structure is now kept to display the rich Roman history.

5. The swing at the end of the world, Baños, Ecuador

If you are a daredevil looking for the next crazy thing to do, here it is. This swing located on La Casa Del Arbol (The Tree house) in Baños overlooks the incredibly scary yet breath-taking view of the mountains. At the great height of 2,600 meters, you get the best view of the Tungurahua Volcano and splendid mountainous landscape.

6. The Pyramids of Giza

These architecturally exquisite structures are among the ancient wonders of the world. Built in the fourth century dynasty by a Pharaoh named Khufu over a twenty-year period. They are a fantastic must-see monument and make sure to check out the sphinx another structure, which is a mythical creature, built for King Khafre.

7. Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

This amazing rainbow landform in China has occurred due to the deposition of red stone and other minerals over each other for the past 50 million years at which time, the island which is now India collided into Eurasia which later caused these incredible landforms on the Chinese province side, because there was disruption in the red rock and other layers . This incredible view also known as “God’s paint palate” is full of the various colored rocks including magenta, maroon, and lemon-colored stone giving a stunning painting-like panorama of them.

8. Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska, United States

The Ice caves are the hollow part of a 12-mile long glacier called The Mendenhall Glacier. The view from the inside is simply startling- called by some as ‘otherworldly’ and ‘breathtaking’. Although the glacier still holds up, it is melting fast because of global warming and related conditions. So hurry and get there before it disappears completely.

9. The Island of Bora Bora, Society Islands of French Polynesia

This strikingly beautiful island, which was at one point a full volcano that later formed a barrier reef. Occupied with several small overwater bungalows which allow for superb privacy making this island one of the most wanted honeymoon destinations.

10. Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

This superbly charming castle that has features a bow of a ship-like structure on one-end looks like something out of a fairytale. Located in romantic Spain, this divine castle was one of the inspirations for the castle in the Royal Kingdom in Disney’s Cinderella.

Places you Won't Believe that Exist

This beautiful ‘firefly effect’ is caused by organisms called ostracod crustaceans, that glow for a minute or maybe longer and emit bright displays of light.

Do you want to walk into a starry sea?

Called the world’s largest mirror, this is the world’s largest salt flat, which is the after effect of all its prehistoric evaporated lakes. In some periods of the year, lakes that are close by overflow and a thin layer of water changes these salt flats into a gigantic and extremely clear mirror that reflects the sky with striking perfection.

Mirror mirror on the floor....

Door to Hell, Darwaza, Turkmenistan

This gigantic fire hole was created by accident when a Soviet rig accidentally punctured a hole into an underground natural gas cavern. The ground beneath the rig gave way and collapsed inwards taking the rig down with it causing a huge hole. Poisonous fumes started to leak because of which the Soviets lit the hole on fire, assuming the fire will go out in a few days. It still burns to this day.

Slope Point, New Zealand

This region is constantly hit with ferocious and chilly south westerly winds that come from the Antarctica region. These strong winds have over the years caused the trees to bend over and twist in a very remarkable manner.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

Surrounded by three separate countries, Mount Roraima is a 2 billion year old geological formation which is the highest mountain of the Pakaraima chain of the tepui plateau. This serene mount, that gives the impression of a floating island, has over this long period created a unique eco system for itself, with rare and beautiful plants including a carnivorous plant called the pitcher plant.

Stone Forest, Madagascar

Sticking up out of the ground like razor-sharp knives, these tall rock formations are made from limestone and get sharper and sharper due to the erosion caused by rainfall. Nut don’t let looks deceive you, in spite of this appearance, life still prevails in the form of extremely rare and wonderful animals and creatures. Among these animals you could find 100 species of birds, 40 species of reptiles and 11 species of lemurs.

Abraham Lake, Canada

The Abraham Lake, when frozen in winter, creates an amazing effect under the sheet of clear ice it becomes. Thousands of bubble filled with methane gas are formed and frozen in the ice. The methane originates from the bacterium that releases it after consuming decomposing organic material. The sight is incredible is superbly unique.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

This hauntingly beautiful lake which has a bright red colour is that way because of the high alkali content due to the ashy residue and debris that enters the lake through rainfall streaming down the surrounding hills. Associated with being deadly as it is filled with dead animals, it actually supports a full-fledged eco-system in spite of its pH level being as high as 10.5

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, U.S.A.

This rainbow coloured spring is a marvellous sight and has some amazing scientific reason for each colour. In the centre the bluest blue the temperature is the hottest reaching 87 degree Celsius, which does not allow for much life to exist in that portion. But going outward from the centre the temperature lowers therefore encourages bacteria to breed in those areas. Each colour indicates a breeding ground for separate bacteria. Beautiful isn’t it?

Huacachina, Peru

Located in Southern Peru, this is a magical desert oasis that is said to have healing powers. This beautiful oasis is right in the middle of the desert and surrounded by beautiful palm trees which completely contrast to its surrounding consisting of sand dunes.

Some Watering Sweets that Bengalis Live For you Must Try These

Bengalis are undoubtedly big foodies! And sweets are the paramount ingredient in Bengali people’s food cycle. Without ‘Misti’ i.e. the sweets, life of Bengalis are totally incomplete. Be it any occasions, like marriage, festivals, family get-together, victory, ‘Pujas’ or anything; sweets intensifies that little happiness into more of a social occasion.

Mistis acts like a catalyst to Bengali’s happiness index. If you visit Bengal, you are definitely going to see sweet shops at every corners of the street.

Bengalis crave for it and live for it. It’s in no way one can deny that it’s one of the yummiest dishes in the world. Freshly made with simple ingredients, Bengalis have that special cooking talent to mould it into different shapes, give them different flavours and make each and every sweet to taste different and delicious.

So here are the 14 mouth watering sweets that Bengalis live for and everyone in the world must try these:

1. Kalo Jam

Kalo Jam also known as ‘Kala Jamun’ in other parts of India got a heavenly taste indeed. The sweet looks like rosogolla except from the fact that it’s of dark colour, somewhat near to black. “Kalo Jamun” is typically made of ‘khoya’ and ‘paneer’ and the dark colour is attained by frying the jamun at a low flame. Tastes amazing!

2. Darbesh

Darbesh is one of the popular sweets that are devoured by the Bengalis. It’s kind of a lookalike to Boondi Laddoo. But it tastes different than a Boondi Laddoo. Darbesh is made mainly out of Khowa or Mawa. It’s served especially on marriage or during the Puja ceremonies. But on sweet shops, it’s available anytime! So grab it and eat it!

3. Kheer Kadam 

This will surely excite your taste bud. Kheer Kadam is a unique looking sweet that will pamper you taste-buds instantly. It’s a dumpling made with sweetened khoya and is stuffed with spongy kind of rasogolla (a bit dry rasogolla) on the inside. So it’s kind of a sweet within a sweet. A double-treat for your mouth!

4. Lobongo Latika

Simple and tasty treat but different than rest of the sweets that’s made of milk or curdling. It has dough, filling and sugar syrup secured with lobongo or clove on top. The filling is made up of khoya, grated coconut, sugar, nutmeg powders. Also other dry fruits are added into it. The lobongo or clove that’s used for enclosing the filling, gives a fresh taste after consuming the sweet filling.

5. Khirer Chop

It’s a stuffed sweet, lightly tossed in sugar syrup. The mouth watering sweet delicacy is made of flour, suji, milk, sugar, nutmeg and bread. Khirer chop is an all time favourite for the Bengalis. Indeed a delicious munches!

6. Malai Chom Chom

Malai chom chom is something no Bengalis can ever live without it. It’s similar to rosogolla, except the shape and ingredients. It’s coated with coconut flakes and pistachios with a hint of Kesar. And the creamy Malai on top gives that delightful feeling, totally divine!

7. Nikuti

You will lick your fingers after eating this. That’s why ‘Nikuti’ is in the list you see! Dipped in condensed milk, this creamy and yummy balls of sweet when enters into the mouth, it feels like top of the world! If you define happiness, then probably this is what it is!

8. Pantua

Looks kind of like gulab jamun, but it’s different. This traditional Bengali sweet is no doubt among the top favourite list. These sweet fried balls are made up of semolina, milk, chhana and ghee. The rich brown colour and one little bite is enough to make you a Pantua addict!

9. Pati Shapta

Mild sweetness with fine texture –Pati Shapta is just perfect for any occasion! Thin crepe is made of sooji, maida and rice flour and the filling is made of coconut and jaggery. The filling is wrapped by the crepe made to look like rolls. One can either eat it hot or cold.

10. Nolen Gurer Paayesh

This special winter delicacy is every Bengali’s sweetheart. It can be made anytime though. The Nolen Gurer Payesh is made up of rice, milk and a special ‘gur’ that’s available during winter season. The richness of milk and jaggery will make you get lost into a whole new world.

11. Rajbhog

Spongy Rasogollas stuffed with dry fruits and coloured with kesar will take you to heaven. Rajbhog is the exquisite version of soft rasogollas. A must try for all.

12. Rosogolla

Bengali’s first choice is of course Rasogolla. The spongy soft round and white misti, dipped in sugar syrup is a next to heaven in terms of sweets. If the syrup doesn’t wet your mouth inside and outside then you are probably eating it wrong. Whatever may be happy occasion is, rasogollas are always on the Bengali’s menu.

13. Sitabhog

It is the rice dish which is sweetened and mixed with mini balls of gulab jamun. It gives various textures within one dish.

14. Joynagarer Moya

It’s a seasoned sweet mainly available in winter time. Date palm jaggery and puffed rice is what this sweet is made up of and it makes a divine taste and the lust won’t just be over. Nolen gur, Kanakchur khoi, elach, posto, gawa ghee are the main ingredients that make it delicious.

You Must-Visit Indian Destinations for Nature Lovers

Are you the kind of person who loves nature and greenery and breathtaking landscapes? Well, here are a few places in India you should be sure to visit to experience mother nature perfectly and in peace.

To escape your busy city life, you can jump straight into the beautiful Leh in Jammu and Kashmir. From its snow covered mountains to its elegant lakes, Leh is the perfect destination for trekkers and mountain climbers. Leh is also filled with plenty of historical and religious monuments which are a real treat.

Matheran Hill –Raigad

This scenic hill station situated on the Western Ghats in the Raigad district in Maharashtra is a green and chilly destination to relax and unwind. No vehicles are allowed in Matheran which makes it peaceful and pollution free.  Panorama Point is a specific location from which you can get a 360 degree view of the whole of Matheran. The sunsets and sunrises from this point are utterly breath taking.

 Majuli Island – Brahmaputra

This amazing island in Assam is recognizes as the largest river island in the world although its land keeps on shrinking due to erosion. The migration of various species of birds and colourful tribal people are enough to visit this beautiful island.

 Valley of Flowers National Park– Uttarakhand

This charming valley is filled with beautiful meadows of alpine flowers and lush green grasses. It is also home to many wild endangered species including the musk deer, brown bear and snow leopard. To spend some time in this Himalayan park you are sure to feel like you are in a dream land.

 The Great Nicobar Island- Andaman and Nicobar

This island has a brutal history of being the first island to be hit by the 2005 tsunami that was the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. In spite of this, this island which is the largest of all the Andaman and Nicobar islands, is enveloped in lush evergreen forests that hold some of the most beautiful plants and wild animals including saltwater crocodiles and giant leatherback sea turtles. The Indira point is a point on the island that marks the end point of the Republic of India.

 Gulmarg, Jammu Kashmir

This superb snow covered location in Jammu and Kashmir is almost like paradise. It has a beautiful landscape of snowy mountain peaks with, with freezing cold breezes and there are also possibilities to ski here. One of the super fun features is a ride on the world’s highest cable car (Gondola).

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

One of the islets of the Lakshadweep group, Minicoy Island is located in the midst of the Arabian Sea and is truly a tropical heaven. With its beautiful white- sand beaches, colourful coral reefs and beautiful clear blue water. It’s a beautiful place for honeymooning and taking a relaxing vacation.

Kolkata’s Top Most Romantic Places to visit

If you speak of Romance then Kolkata is always on the list.  If you are not familiar with Kolkata’s romance, then let me give you some quick highlights: Kolkata people are really very romantic. Their romance is engraved in romantic novels, to Rabindranath Tagore’s soul-touching songs, love poetry and Tollywood movies. Bengalis find love everywhere under the roof of Kolkata; in the streets, at food stalls, restaurants, at adda zones and not to mention the Saraswati Puja is Bengali’s Valentine’s Day.

And to spice up all types of romance, Kolkata has her own special extra romantic places. You can spend good quality times with your friends, families and loved ones.

These popular places will stun you as you see the couples and friends hanging around everywhere, but you and your partner or friends will have your own quality time. No one is going to steal your privacy even in open air. So let’s check out the top Romantic places of Kolkata.

1. Victoria Memorial

Large marble building dedicated in memory of Queen Victoria, stands out from the crowd, gaining the reputation of one of the best places to visit in Kolkata. The gardens, the fountains, fresh green grass and pathways set a beautiful ambience for the perfect romance.

Image Credit : Biyani Photography

2. Rabindra Sarobar

It’s in South Kolkata. A huge artificial Lake all away from the hustle-bustle of the city, totally putting you away from the noise, thereby allowing you to enjoy some fresh air and pretty good times with friends, family and loved ones. Chirping birds, greeneries and the eye-catching sunset will make you spellbind. A perfect outing for a romance.

3. Millenium Park

Situated along the strand road and eastern road shore of Hooghly River, Millennium Park is best known for hangouts and spending happy times. Landscape gardens and children’s park sets and Kolkata’s romantic weather triggers the people to visit Millennium Park. Spend a quiet evening under the fresh air, surrounded by greeneries everywhere and sunset on the top.

4. Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat is one of the oldest recreational spots in Kolkata. Now the place is beautified with beautiful landscaped gardens, well maintained greeneries, seating arrangement for visitors and much more, making the area a perfect place for romance or evening hangout! Spend the evening time with your loved ones enjoying the magnificent beauty of the Ganges, enjoy the boat ride, sit and spend some good times.

5. Nalban

Located in Salt Lake City, this place is perfect for couples. Locals, residents, tourists come and enjoy this place as it offers the perfect romantic vibes for couples and close friends. It’s good for mouth-watering delicacies, boating, lakeside enjoyment, picnic parties. Cool breeze of the lake, paddle boating teaming up with soothing atmosphere and gardens, Nalban is on the top list of most romantic places in Kolkata.

6. Eco Park

It’s a recently made urban park facilitated with all modern stuffs so that people can enjoy their best of time. It has ecological zones, grasslands, wetland, artificial forest with artificial mists and rains. Also you can enjoy the tropical tree garden, bonsai garden, wild faunas and huge play areas. Enjoy duo cycling, musical fountains, land zorbing and water zorbing, bird watching, rowing and many such activities. Eco Park is no doubt the most appropriate place to enjoy your weekends or any special days.

16 Signs You Are Intelligent and You Probably Don’t Even Know That You Are.

  Now let’s be honest, there are people with many IQ levels. Some tend to score higher IQs and some lower IQs. Some people like to boast that they are smart, and some hardly speak anything but they are. In fact, you cannot judge someone’s intelligence on the basis of test scores, marks and educational degrees. There are some people who look quite average, but will stun with the level of wisdom they have got.

There are certain qualities that most of the real intelligent people possess. You are also intelligent if you tend to possess the certain qualities.
So here are 16 signs you are intelligent and you probably don’t even know that you are:

1. You don’t think you are smart or intelligent

Real intelligent people never think that they are smart or extremely intelligent. They have a strong sense that knowledge never ends. And they are never satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have. They always crave for knowledge.

2. You love to stay calm and silent

Not all quiet people or silence loving people are intelligent. Neither do all silence seeking people are introvert, cowards and shy as many of the people thinks. True intelligent people don’t engage themselves in pointless irrational conversation. They are good listeners and observers. They take time to think and re-think before making a statement, and hence they seem quiet.

3. You are Rational, Self-Critical

Not all people have the ability to think rationally. Furthermore, intelligent people listen to critics. In fact they are self-critical. They correct and rectify their mistakes and move on tactfully.

4. You are Apologetic whenever you find your fault

Intelligent people do not deny their own faults. They accept it and apologise for it. And no, they are not cowards or being stupid or Unprofessional for that. Rather they are willing to accept their faults and trying their best to please the person or the authority they’ve hurt. In addition to that, they are willing to rectify the faults or mistakes they have done.

5. You Love to be Informed and Updated

Intelligent people love to stay involved in gathering more knowledge and information. They stay updated with the latest national and international news updates, who’s who and also gets involves themselves in researches and gaining knowledge.

6. You Crave for Perfection

They crave for perfection. Even if it takes time, they will do it, slowly with full patience. You will notice improvements as the day goes by. That’s their sign of progress and surely an intelligent way to better things out.

7. You are a bit Lazy

Now this seems a bit odd, but being lazy can be a sign of intelligence. Generally intelligent people think more and hence they seem physically less active. The non-thinkers in turn show more activeness in their life. People who are lazy are actually working their brains while their body are at rest.

8. You are a Night Owl

Staying awake at night doesn’t make you physically active. But people who work their best at night while others are sleeping, tends to score more IQ than the morning people. They do many works, complete their unfinished projects, or do some extra works while all are sleeping, thereby moving one step ahead.

9. You tend to Worry

Studies have shown that intelligent people are more prone to worrying. It motivates them to find a solution for their problem as early as possible. It also makes them alert and conscious and prevents them from anything bad happening.

10. You are Curious

Intelligent people are always hungry for answers. They are curious to know every single thing, that others take it for granted. And that’s how they are smarter and have tons of knowledge and solutions to problems.

11. You Learn from your and other’s Mistakes

Mistakes make you more intelligent, especially when you learn out of it. Intelligent people don’t take their mistakes for granted. They analyze where they are wrong. They correct it and makes sure it never happens again.

12. You Enjoy Jokes

Research has shown that people who love sick jokes are more prone to intelligence. Their level of humour and senses are more developed. Plus they are fun loving as well. They have the ability to understand witty, humorous and even slapstick comedies. They are open to good things.

13. You Love To Hang Around With Creative, Smart and People with Positive People

They want productivity. They try to surround themselves among creative and smart people. Because they themselves are intelligent, which probably they don’t know. They love positive conversations, which can lead them to something fruitful. Hanging around with smart people will fetch them better and innovative ideas.

14. You Face Your Own Problems

Intelligent people know that they are alone and they must face their own problems, no matter how harsh or hard it is. It also makes them stronger and more intelligent in terms of the defence mechanism they learn every time they face their problems.

15. You Ask Questions

Yes, they ask questions, a lot of questions. It can annoy other people, but it’s for their sake of information and knowledge. They don’t like to hide their doubts. They are curious to know things. People might find that stupid, but that’s what makes them different and pretty much intelligent.

16. You Enjoy Lone Time

Lone time or self time is in fact all must have. Intelligent people know this very well. Self time helps them calculate their work progress, to chalk out what works they have done and how much work is left etc. A lone time always helps them to get in touch with themselves better.