16 Signs You Are Intelligent and You Probably Don’t Even Know That You Are.

  Now let’s be honest, there are people with many IQ levels. Some tend to score higher IQs and some lower IQs. Some people like to boast that they are smart, and some hardly speak anything but they are. In fact, you cannot judge someone’s intelligence on the basis of test scores, marks and educational degrees. There are some people who look quite average, but will stun with the level of wisdom they have got.

There are certain qualities that most of the real intelligent people possess. You are also intelligent if you tend to possess the certain qualities.
So here are 16 signs you are intelligent and you probably don’t even know that you are:

1. You don’t think you are smart or intelligent

Real intelligent people never think that they are smart or extremely intelligent. They have a strong sense that knowledge never ends. And they are never satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have. They always crave for knowledge.

2. You love to stay calm and silent

Not all quiet people or silence loving people are intelligent. Neither do all silence seeking people are introvert, cowards and shy as many of the people thinks. True intelligent people don’t engage themselves in pointless irrational conversation. They are good listeners and observers. They take time to think and re-think before making a statement, and hence they seem quiet.

3. You are Rational, Self-Critical

Not all people have the ability to think rationally. Furthermore, intelligent people listen to critics. In fact they are self-critical. They correct and rectify their mistakes and move on tactfully.

4. You are Apologetic whenever you find your fault

Intelligent people do not deny their own faults. They accept it and apologise for it. And no, they are not cowards or being stupid or Unprofessional for that. Rather they are willing to accept their faults and trying their best to please the person or the authority they’ve hurt. In addition to that, they are willing to rectify the faults or mistakes they have done.

5. You Love to be Informed and Updated

Intelligent people love to stay involved in gathering more knowledge and information. They stay updated with the latest national and international news updates, who’s who and also gets involves themselves in researches and gaining knowledge.

6. You Crave for Perfection

They crave for perfection. Even if it takes time, they will do it, slowly with full patience. You will notice improvements as the day goes by. That’s their sign of progress and surely an intelligent way to better things out.

7. You are a bit Lazy

Now this seems a bit odd, but being lazy can be a sign of intelligence. Generally intelligent people think more and hence they seem physically less active. The non-thinkers in turn show more activeness in their life. People who are lazy are actually working their brains while their body are at rest.

8. You are a Night Owl

Staying awake at night doesn’t make you physically active. But people who work their best at night while others are sleeping, tends to score more IQ than the morning people. They do many works, complete their unfinished projects, or do some extra works while all are sleeping, thereby moving one step ahead.

9. You tend to Worry

Studies have shown that intelligent people are more prone to worrying. It motivates them to find a solution for their problem as early as possible. It also makes them alert and conscious and prevents them from anything bad happening.

10. You are Curious

Intelligent people are always hungry for answers. They are curious to know every single thing, that others take it for granted. And that’s how they are smarter and have tons of knowledge and solutions to problems.

11. You Learn from your and other’s Mistakes

Mistakes make you more intelligent, especially when you learn out of it. Intelligent people don’t take their mistakes for granted. They analyze where they are wrong. They correct it and makes sure it never happens again.

12. You Enjoy Jokes

Research has shown that people who love sick jokes are more prone to intelligence. Their level of humour and senses are more developed. Plus they are fun loving as well. They have the ability to understand witty, humorous and even slapstick comedies. They are open to good things.

13. You Love To Hang Around With Creative, Smart and People with Positive People

They want productivity. They try to surround themselves among creative and smart people. Because they themselves are intelligent, which probably they don’t know. They love positive conversations, which can lead them to something fruitful. Hanging around with smart people will fetch them better and innovative ideas.

14. You Face Your Own Problems

Intelligent people know that they are alone and they must face their own problems, no matter how harsh or hard it is. It also makes them stronger and more intelligent in terms of the defence mechanism they learn every time they face their problems.

15. You Ask Questions

Yes, they ask questions, a lot of questions. It can annoy other people, but it’s for their sake of information and knowledge. They don’t like to hide their doubts. They are curious to know things. People might find that stupid, but that’s what makes them different and pretty much intelligent.

16. You Enjoy Lone Time

Lone time or self time is in fact all must have. Intelligent people know this very well. Self time helps them calculate their work progress, to chalk out what works they have done and how much work is left etc. A lone time always helps them to get in touch with themselves better.

This Junk Foods That Actually Has Health Benefit

Whenever we are concerned about our health and fitness, we come up with different solutions all by ourselves. We think of diet planning, exercising, joining a gym, joining yoga class and of course: staying away from junk foods. From mother to nutritionist, almost everyone recommends to stay away from junk foods. Because junk foods are supposed to be the opposite of what healthy foods serve to our body. And it consists of high calories, fats and less healthy nutrients.

It is always believed that junk foods are bad for health because it causes bad cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, gastrointestinal issues, heart problems, reduces energy and so on. Well the fact is however not false. Overeating of junk food and street foods on a daily basis can actually lead to all the diseases and problems aforementioned. Taking this into consideration, nonetheless there are some junk foods that do result in some health benefit.
So let’s have a look on some junk foods that actually offers some health benefit

1. Coffee

Often we are warned to take coffee, as it contains caffeine. But sipping a cup of coffee can actually be beneficial. Coffee has got antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and also helps prevent cardiovascular disease. It can also prevent retinal damage that’s caused due to oxidative stress. It also lowers the risk of melanoma. Coffee is also known to prevent one from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, suicidal thoughts and depression. So it’s not harmful if you drink coffee within limits.

2. Chocolate

Aren’t we all warned at some point of time in our lives not to eat chocolates or else we will get bad teeth and have blood sugar? Well it’s not that bad if you consume it once in a month. Chocolate have anti-carcinogenic properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Chocolate also contains flavonoids, anti-anxiety properties, polyphenols and heart-healthy compounds.

3. Ketchup

The tangy tasty tomato ketchup, though it seems unhealthy, it contains good health rewards. The tomato ketchup contains lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. But still if you are concerned with your health, have organic ketchup or stick on to the homemade one.

4. Popcorn

Munching on to some popcorn on occasions is not a bad deal. Popcorns are packed with proteins. It also contains phosphorous. It’s also low in calories, its sugar free and fat free. Furthermore, it’s gluten free. It can be grounded and replaced with breadcrumbs for coating on meat.

5. Ice cream

Okay we get it; ice creams are high in sugar and also high in saturated fat. But its rich in calcium and that’s good for post workout.

6. Beef jerky

The health conscious people might avoid having this. But it’s very high in protein. Also it controls insulin and fats. So don’t get afraid to chew on to delicious beef jerky.

7. Pizza

Pizza is nothing but a junk food –well that’s how we all consider it to be. The tomato present in Pizza is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also contains antioxidants. The ketchup contains lycopene. It reduces to lower the risk of cancer. Lycopene is also a strong antioxidant.

8. Burger

Be it any burger, be it high in calories, it’s no harm if you have a bite on a burger once in a month. Burgers are rich in protein. The vegetables present in it are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. The tomato sauce is rich in antioxidant. Meat (if preferred a meat burger) is rich in protein. Cheese provides calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and plenty of other nutrients.

Papaya: This One Fruit Can Give You Bountiful Health Benefits.


Papaya, the fruit that most people just take it for granted. Hardly anyone have a strong fascination towards papaya.  If mom cooks papaya or makes salad for you, then you are eating it. Otherwise, it’s just another food! But once you know the number of health benefits it aids, you will be eating it more papayas with delight.
So let’s have a quick look over the health benefits that papayas can give:

1. Papaya prevents Infection caused inside the body

Papaya is very good for intestines. Papaya is effective in killing intestinal worms and bacteria. Hence, papaya can prevent intestinal infections as well as complications.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

Papaya can help in reducing your weight without making you lose proper nutrients. Have mid-morning snack or mid-evening snack and lose your weight naturally.

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Papaya has got anti-inflammatory properties. It has enzymes like chymopapain and papain which helps to reduce pains and inflammation in the body.

4. Helps in Preventing arthritis

Papaya helps in controlling osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The enzyme present in papaya known as chymopapain helps reduce and control arthritis.

5. Helps in Improving Immunity

According to some researches made in Japan, it’s been known that papaya helps in boosting the immune system of the body. The antioxidants present in papaya plays an important role in improving immunity.

6. Aids in Digestion and Treats Constipation

Papaya is beneficial for digestion. It is also used to treat ulcers. It is also a good remedy for constipation. Papaya also helps in reducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Papaya improves bowel movements and eases the passage of stools. Hence it reduces the effects of constipation.

7. It improves menstruation issues

Papaya can help normalize irregularities in menstruation cycle. The heat produced after the consumption of papayas stimulates estrogen hormone. This helps fixing issues related to periods.

8. Reduces Acnes

Papayas are a great cure to acnes and burns. The papaya skin helps to cure acne. The latex that’s obtained from papaya has been proved to be beneficial on the portions of the skin that’s affected with acnes or burns.

9. It Improves the Heart Health

Papaya contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These nutrients are helpful in preventing diabetic heart disease and atherosclerosis. The Vitamin C and Vitamin E that’s obtained from the papayas helps prevent the cholesterol from sticking on the walls of heart, and helps you have a healthy heart.

10. Makes you skin healthy

The papain enzyme present in the papaya purifies the skin by killing dead cells. The healing enzymes also help to cure sunburn and irritated skin. It also helps remove the dead cells from the skin. Overall it helps to keep the skin healthy.

Sooth Your Sweet Tooth With These Desserts

No meal is ever complete with a dessert that will stay in your taste buds for quite some time afterwards. Irrespective of having a sweet tooth or not, most of us love desserts. And, here are some very easy ways in which mouth-watering DIY desserts can be prepared at home:
1. Chocolate Muffin (Servings: 12 Muffins )

Preheat oven at 350°F. Whisk plain flour (2 cups) with baking powder (1 teaspoon), 2/3 cups coco powder, sugar (1 ¼ cup), 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 cup chocolate chips in a medium sized bowl. Whisk together 2 eggs, ¾ cup milk and 2 tsp. vanilla essence in another bowl. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.

Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients gradually in the well, along with ½ cup melted butter; stirring to blend. Do not over beat the batter or else muffin would become too tight. Just make sure it is well-mixed.
Pour into muffin pan up to the brim.

Sprinkle with sparkling white sugar(optional). Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre of a muffin comes out clean. Allow five minutes standing time. Remove from oven and allow muffins to cool for 15 minutes on a wire rack.

2. Cashew Barfi (Servings: 20 pieces)

Ingredients: 1 ¼ cup Water, 2 ½ cup Sugar, 1 tablespoon Milk, 1kg Cashew (finely ground), 3 teaspoons Ghee.


Put water and sugar into a bowl and heat. Keep stirring. The mixture should come to a boil and should form a thick syrup. Just before it begins to caramelize pour in milk and stir. Mix in cashew powder and ghee. Heat until the mixture thickens and the fat separates. Continue stirring while cooking. Lightly grease ½ “ high trays and press the barfi mixture onto it. When cool, cut into diamonds or square shapes as desired. Store in airtight boxes.

3. Custard Apple Pudding (Servings: 4)

Ingredients: 2 custard apples ,1 teaspoon gelatin, ¼ cup water, ½ cup condensed milk, ¼ cup milk, 3 teaspoons butter, ½ cup biscuits (powdered), ½ cup cashews (powder), 2 sweet cherries


Mix gelatin in water and cook till a glassy look appears. Remove from flame. Peel apple, deserved and make pulp. Mix the pulp and gelatin with remaining ingredients. Refrigerate until set. Garnish with cherries. Serve chilled.

4. Vanilla Custard (Servings: 4)

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 cups milk, 2 tablespoons corn-starch, 1/3 cup sugar,    tsp. vanilla extract


Mix milk, sugar and corn-starch over medium heat. Allow milk to scald. Whisk occasionally to prevent corn-starch from clumping at the bottom. Remove from heat. Mix 2 tablespoons of scalded milk mixture into lightly beaten eggs. Add this mixture slowly into the entire milk mixture, whisking constantly.
Return to heat and whisk till the custard thickens. Do not boil.

Taste the Myth of Meat: Enjoy Mouth Full of Bong Delicacy

West Bengal is particularly popular for its own version of spicy meat recipes around the globe. Whether it is a Mughlai food or a European one, with the very own touch of own spices and techniques Bengal has redefined many recipes and created a new genre in the history of food. If fish can be defined as the heart of bong cuisine then the meat is the emotion! With ages of cooking practice and experiments, all the meat recipes only touch the zenith of delicious perfection.

With different cultural and religious preference, Bengal carries a great diverse yet wide cooking style that only enriched the Bengali cuisine with their savory flavors and taste. If we analyze the history and cultural changes happened in bong cuisine, then age-old Muslim invasions along with the Nawabi rule and 200 years of British colonialism will play a vital and integral part. Meats (Mutton, Chicken, Beef, and Pork) are one of the most popular foods for the Bengali people, a true food lover bong knows without having mouth-watering bong meat recipes its totally unjustified to judge and understand the real taste of Bengal. Today we are sharing much-celebrated 3 bong meat recipes that are able to create an instant craving in your heart. Enjoy the delicious recipes and taste the core of bong ecstasy with these savory meat recipes. 

Mutton Kosha
Mutton is the evergreen and all-time favorite of all the bong foods ever existed. In many classic Bengali writings and cookbooks, the mutton kosha recipe is widely celebrated throughout ages. In one of the most famous recipe book writer, Pragya Sundari Devi’s writing mutton kosha is mentioned as the bearer of Bengal’s great taste. Even Purnima Tagore, in her book Thakur Barir Ranna mentioned that the great Tagore family was very fond of mutton recipes along with mutton kosha. For our recipe, we looked for a reference to Pragya Sundari Devi, and perhaps got the most intricate and classic reference to mutton kosha, which bears the homely touch of every bong mom’s kitchen.We modernized the recipe as per contemporary needs.  To make mutton kosha, buy pieces especially from the leg and rib area, which have the perfect balance of meat, fat, and bones. Before making mutton kosha you have to marinate the mutton with a blended mixture of onion, garlic, beaten yogurt, turmeric powder, salt, and sahi garam masala. Massage the pieces well with the mixture and then cover the bowl with an air-tight lid and refrigerate the marinated mutton at least for 8 hours. The long marinating process will bring an unexplainable tenderness and flavor to your recipe.  Now it’s time to make the Kosha! There are no special ingredients to make delicious mutton kosha. You just have to be patient for the right blend! Firstly take a thick cauldron and pour mustard oil in it. Temper the oil with bay leaves, dried red chilies, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and black cardamom on medium heat. Chop and slice onions and crush well before pouring into the oil. Sliced onions will give your mutton kosha such a texture that can be acquired through using diced or puréed onion. Fry the onion well for at least 15 minutes and then add ginger-garlic and green chili paste and then fry again for 5 minutes. While frying the mix, create a liquid mixture of cumin powder, coriander powder, and Kashmiri Mirch powder and pour it into the cauldron. Cook for 15 more minutes and when the mixture will turn brown and rich in color add the marinated mutton now. Stir constantly as if mutton get burns then the kosha will taste bitter. But always remember, a little browning is always good for mutton kosha! Now add lump free and beaten yogurt to your mutton and keep frying, after 10 minutes add salt and sugar in the proper amount and apply some amount of hot water and keep frying for at least 2 hours. (Use hot water particularly) The color of your mutton kosha will turn magically in front of your eyes, with a lingering and fabulous flavor that will work as a constant appetizer!  Tou have to give a stir to your mutton kosha in every 2-3 minutes and then you will acquire perfection in making the recipe successful! When you are happy with the color of your mutton kosha, apply some more hot water as per your need and cook for five more minutes! Now give a final stir and pour a 2-3 spoon of ‘gaoa ghee’ to the recipe. Your mutton kosha is quite ready to serve. The delicious and mouth-watering the recipe can be best enjoyed with Bengali mishit polao or luchi. Taste bong style mutton kosha through following our recipe, we can guarantee you will taste the best bong cuisine ever.

Chicken Korma
Korma is originated from central Asia and Persia and was widely celebrated in entire north India when the Mughals popularize the mouth-watering charm of this delicacy with their Indian fusion to the Persian mastery. Bong chicken korma is the fusion of all these flavors with the spicy bong tadka of emotion and flavors. The Bengali cooking process is quite different from the cooking process of all the world and this version of korma became popular when Nawab Wazed Ali Sah came to stay at Metiaburuz during the time of his exile. The Bengali cooks of the then time applied such bong spices to korma that were never used before and gave the world-famous cuisine a very homely and bong taste, which is perhaps the most delicious one around the world. To make chicken korma do buy big and stout leg pieces, divide those into 2 halves firstly. Wash the pieces well and make shallow gashes in them. Apply salt to the pieces and rub well then set aside for at least one hour. Now make a mixture of coriander powder and Kashmiri Mirch powder and beat some yogurt to make it completely lump-free. Crush a few black peppers along with toasted nutmeg and mace and crush all these until powdered. Make a paste of ginger and garlic and add proportionate salt to it. Now add cashew nuts powder, thick creamed mil, and sliced almonds to your ingredients’ list and start your cooking! Add vegetable oil to your cauldron and make delicious barista of cornflour coated onion firstly. Add a pinch of sugar, it will give a bright and brown color to the onion (corn flour will give a crisp texture to the onion). After the onions turn brown spread it on blotting paper and let it cool in normal temperature. Don’t forget to preserve the access oil for later. After the barista turns cold crush those with bare hands. Heat a pan thoroughly on medium heat and add ‘gaoa ghee’ into it. Fry the pieces of chicken in ghee for 4 minutes (2minutes each side) and set aside. Now use the same vegetable oil used to make barista before, add a little amount of ghee to evoke a mouth-watering flavor to your korma. Temper the oil with cardamom, cinnamon and clove, and bay leaves and add the mixture of coriander and Kashmiri red chili powder and fry directly in the tempered oil. Add the ginger-garlic paste to it after 3-4 minutes and stir well until the raw smell goes away. Add the black pepper, nutmeg and mace powder now and add one teaspoon of Kewra water. Stir well for 3 more minutes and add the beaten yogurt now! Give quick stirs until oil is separated from the mixture! After 10 minutes add the fried pieces of chicken to the spices, and braise for 20 minutes while covering the pan on low heat. You will get a hint of the aroma already this time! Do not forget to stir frequently! If your pan is dried out then add a 2-3 spoon of beaten yogurt to enhance the taste! Once the chicken is tender add the cashew powder and crushed barista to your chicken also apply the excess nutmeg and mace powder to it. Give a quick and tender stir to your chicken and turn off the heat after applying almond flakes and fresh cream! Serve the savory dish with white sahi Bengali pulao or enjoy it with paratha! Bong korma is cooked without using any turmeric powder, tomatoes, and coriander leaves and that does somehow differentiate the bong chicken korma from the rest! The unique taste is so delicious and mouth-watering that any other type of korma cannot even come to mind after you taste this bong delicacy once!

Duck Vindaloo
Duck vindaloo is a Portuguese food that became popular firstly in Goa and then in West Bengal with the Portuguese colonization during the 16th century.  The Goan recipe is quite different from the bong delicacy and the basic difference comes from the usage of different oils in the two places. The unique name of the recipe derived from Crane de Vinho e alhos or meat cooked in wine vinegar and garlic! The bong version of vindaloo is quite popular among the Anglo Indian families of Kolkata and is widely acclaimed as one of the most delicious Anglo Indian recipes of all-time. Our recipe of bong version of duck vindaloo is loosely based on Lizzie Collingham’s recipe she shared in her widely acclaimed historical cookbook, Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors. To make duck vindaloo you have to prepare a mixture of roasted spices at first! Take dried red chilies, whole cumins, cloves, poppy seeds, fresh black peppers and whole mustard in a thick pan and toast on low heat. Crush the mixture in a blender until powdered. Always remember vindaloo is a hot and spicy pickle like sour, and to make it rightly, never miss any of these ingredients. Slice ginger, garlic, and fresh green chilies and prepare a tamarind pulp in hot water! Now make a paste of these and use palm/wine vinegar instead of water. Apply salt and prepare the paste well. Now take the duck meat, (widely liked among the British) buy duck breast, as the rib side meat, as well as leg pieces, are perfect for this Anglo Indian recipe. Divide the meat into 3-4 cm pieces and marinate with the grounded spices and the previously prepared tamarind slurry. Massage the meat well and marinate for 8 hours. Now for the curry, you will need sliced onions, jaggery, a mixture of turmeric and Kashmiri red chili powder. Now pour mustard oil and temper with whole mustard seed and cinnamon. The mustard oil is the magician, which gives a mouth-watering and pungent flavor to the bong version of duck vindaloo that is missing in the Goan version. Add sliced onions to the hot mustard oil and fry until light brown. (It will take at least 10 minutes) Now add turmeric and Kashmiri red chili powder mix directly to the oil and fry for 10-15 seconds. Be careful as the spices must not burn at all.  Mix the spices well with the onion and fry for another 3 minutes. Now add the marinated duck to the cauldron and fry for 10 minutes on high heat and give constant stirs. Turn the heat to medium and continue cooking now! Duck meat will start releasing juice after 10 minutes of cooking, cook for another 20 minutes covering it on medium heat and do give frequent stirs. Now chop the jaggery into thin pieces and add them to your duck meat. Mix the meat well so that jaggery can create its magic! Once you are happy with the color to apply hot water as per your need and cook until the duck meat is tender. Add fresh curry leaves to the vindaloo and give a final stir! You will enjoy duck vindaloo mostly with white steamed rice. Taste the Anglo-Indian bong delicacy once and you will understand the cuisine bears a fantastic blend of the eastern and western ways of cooking within it. And the bong version of duck vindaloo will taste as unique as it’s the intricate name!

Jalebi: The King of Bong Desserts

For a foodie bong, the festive season cannot end without having some delicious and mouthwatering desserts! With the arrival of opaque green monsoon, it’s the time for the chariot festival, Rath Yatra in Bengal. And, it’s quite established a fact that a food lover bong’s Rath Yatra cannot end without munching some round, juicy and hot and sweet jalebis altogether!  Even the thoughts about those round deep-fried flour pretzels dipped into extravagantly sweet sugar syrup definitely give a passionate craving in every bong’s foodie heart!

Though Jalebi is primarily popular as a mela snack in Bengal, if we look back to its history we will find sweet and mouth-watering flavor through ages that gave the beloved dessert its present fame! Jalebi widely called ‘Jilipi’ in Bengali, is also known as Zulbia and Zalabia in different parts of Asia and the Middle East!

Extremely popular as a sweet dish in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and several countries of the Middle East, the dessert is very close to heart for its chewy, melting texture and caramelized exterior coating! It can be eaten warm or cold but every food lover knows nothing can compete for the joy of munching hot melting and juicy jalebis ever!

If you are thinking of making some to make the Rath Yatra evening yummy and memorable, then just prepare your batter with all purpose flour, pea seed flour, a perfect pinch of salt and add some black cumin and anise to have an unforgettable after taste! Now lit your oven, and pour generous amount of vegetable oil into the cauldron. Take your semi-thick batter in a container that has a hole in the back of it, support the hole with your finger and then pour the batter in pretzel shape in hot oil through the hole! Deep fry the round-shaped pretzels and dip those well in extremely sweet sugar syrup! You can prepare the syrup with honey and rose water also but the caramelized sugar syrup suits bong taste buds better! Don’t wait for the jalebis to turn cold just grab some and enjoy the juicy delicacy! Spare some for later fun, wait until the jalebis are cold in room temperature and save them in the refrigerator. Cold refrigerated jalebis will give you an uncanny sense of pleasure altogether! Try some hot jalebis after dipping those pieces of joy into cold rabri (One of the most loved Bengali sweet dish). We can assure you have never tasted such amazing sweetness ever before!

Enjoy the festive season to the fullest. May this chariot festival retain all happiness in your life. Love food every day. Eat some jalebis to forget all the dark memories, this chariot festival. Love, live and enjoy Bengal’s unique cuisine every day!

Bengal Desserts That will Make Your Weekend, Sweetness Overloaded

  An ideal food lover bong’s food cycle never can end without having some ‘mishti’ at all! Though the realm of sweets now widely ruled by ice-cream, chocolates and milkshakes, there are some Bong desserts that can create an instant craving in a foodie bong’s foodie heart! In this gourmet writing, we will not certainly talk about bong sweets that have worldwide recognition in every food lover’s heart, but will surely draw your attention to some delicious bong desserts that can make your day with their mouth-watering taste and savor!  These desserts are too much power to grow instant apatite, which you can relish for hours without having some of these. So, let’s start our list to make your Friday evening a bit delicious with the reminiscent of such bong desserts that have a very close connection to your foodie's heart!

Nolen Gurer Payes
Nolen gur (Jaggery) is itself an all-time favorite to Bengali people. The Pithe culture of Bengal cannot complete without the sweet, sticky taste and texture of nolen gur. Payes is a bong delicacy made with rice and milk. Some people use sugar to evoke sweetness to the dessert, but when jaggery is used for the same purpose the dessert acquires an unmatched taste, which can defeat even world’s best ice-creams in just one fickle moment! Very much popular among bong mothers as a birthday dish, payes is just the best bong dessert without any competitors around! To make Nolen Gurer payes firstly soak ‘Gobindo-Bhog’ rice for 10-15 minutes. Take a thick pan and add some ghee to it. As soon as the ghee melts with a savory flavor, add some dry fruits (cashew nuts, raisins, pista/track.)  And fry those in low heat. After frying the dry fruits well in ‘Gaoa-ghee’ add some more ghee to the pan, add one/2 bay leaves & crushed cardamom and fry the soaked rice for at least 10 minutes. Now pour thick cream milk to a pan, and boil it well, when the milk will start boiling, add the rice to the milk. Start stirring constantly, your rice will be cooked within 20 minutes and now it’s the time for creating magic to it! Add jaggery, (as per your choice of sweetness) and after adding fried dry fruits to the recipe cook well for 5 more minutes. Your Nolen gurer payes is ready to serve, but save some to have later fun. Eat your nolen gurer payes chilled! We can bet you have not tasted something such delicious before.

Mishti Doi
Now it’s time to make some noise for the sweet and dreamy cultural icon of Kolkata desserts, Mishti Doi! Made with milk, Curd culture, jaggery or sugar mishit doi can be connoted as one of the classic examples of bong desserts; one can fall in love with any time! To make mishit doi at home at first thicken milk in a thick pan until it gets at least 5-6 boils on low heat. Add jaggery to the milk in a generous amount and after cooking it for 5 more minutes, wait until the milk gets cold at normal temperature. Caramelize some sugar and add to the milk when it’s hot! It will give that dreamy reddish color to your mishit doi! After cooling the milk add some curd culture and wait for at least 12 hours until the curd sets well. Serve your mishit doi in earthen pots, cool and chilled! Anybody will love the classic sweet taste of the dessert and surely will forget chocolates after having the heavenly taste of Bengali mishit doi!  

Mohon Bhog
Firstly while talking about mohon bhog one must understand that this much-loved bong dessert is beyond comparison with Suji ka halwa! Bengali mohon bhog has such a sweet and creamy taste that can help to forget any frustration instantly! To make mohan bhog firstly boil creamy milk at least for 15 minutes in a thick pan, add a generous amount of sugar as more sweetness always gets a savory welcome from every bong worldwide! Add previously fried dry fruits (obviously in gaoa ghee) and boil the milk for 5 more minutes. Now take another pan, pour a generous amount of gaoa ghee to it, add ½ bay leaves and crushed cardamom to it, cook for few seconds and add suji to the pan. Fry until your kitchen is filled with an irresistibly beautiful flavor and the suji gets light brown. Pour the sweet and boiled milk to the fried suji and cook until the suji gets a gummy and sticky texture and is fully cooked. Mohon Bhog can be best enjoyed when it is chilled and is divided into rectangular pieces.  Grabe this bong delicacy and taste the real flavor of Bengal that will make your experience memorable!
Rabri is basically sweetened and thickened milk with multiple layers of mouth-watering cream! Bong version of rabri is flavored with saffron and cardamom and has a taste that cannot be explained in writing! If you want to experience the ecstasy of this bong dessert you have to taste it with luxury and leisure! Rabri is such a sweet dish that should not be enjoyed fully in a hurry, take your time and enjoy chilled rabri with ease! The best-known secret to making delicious rabri is just one, and that is much patience! To make rabri you have to churn the mixture of milk, sugar, and saffron in a shallow cauldron until it becomes thick and sticky cream! It can take 1.30 to 2 hours as per the quantity of milk. But when you will have it, chilled and cold, you will understand that your hard work was not certainly in vain! The taste of rabri is quite a unique one and even no other Bengali sweet can give you the same feeling what rabri can give you instantly!

Now it’s time for the last but not least, and that is Kulfi! This frozen bong dessert can give you instant refreshment after day’s long work and hectic schedule! Very much popular as a street dessert in Bengal, who can forget the shadow of a kulfi wala, with an earthen pot on his head and selling Kulfi door to door in the memories of a distant childhood. There are many ways to make kulfi, but the most popular is making it by thickening the milk into rabri, with an added delicacy of dry fruits and then refrigerate it in cone-shaped molds! Rabri also can be made with condensed milk but if you use a generous amount of Khoa Kheer to make Kulfi, then you will surely taste something out of the world, you have ever tasted before!

Some Foods you must eat to Gain Weight Naturally

For most people losing weight is the priority, but I’m sure you have the opposite problem. You’re too skinny and your looking over at other peoples booty’s and biceps wishing you too had some kind of flesh on your bones. Well all that’s about to change and you can do it naturally, so you know that it’s safe.

Here are a few foods which can help you to gain weight organically.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are incredibly rich in carbohydrates proteins and vitamins. They can help you gain the weight you require and are especially good for you with the skin on. I personally love baked and mashed potatoes!

2. Proteins like Red meats

Yup for all those who are planning to gain weight but are vegetarian, things will have to change if you are really determined.  Red meats, eggs, fish and chicken are rich in protein and can help you put flesh on, much more easily.

3. Drink whole milk

We don’t always understand the importance of mil in our diet and often skip over it for unhealthy substitutes. But drinking whole milk can gain you weight because of the fat content. Next time you are shopping do not pick up the skimmed milk box!

4. Whole grain bread

We all usually prefer white bread, not understanding that it gives way less nutrients and fibers than whole grain brown bread which also helps with weight gain because it is packed with carbohydrates.

5. Stuff your face with cheese

Looking at all your buddies staying away from yummy cheese so they can lose a couple kgs, should inspire you to pick up some cheesy foods and gulp them down! Cheese is not just filled with fats, protein, vitamins and minerals it is also extremely tasty! So go cheese crazy!

6. Granola

There are delicious and healthy granola snack bars which help you gain weight super fast. If you want to go even more natural you can eat plain Granola which is a mixture of rolled oats, nuts, dry fruits, puffed rice and also includes sweeteners like honey and brown sugar. This breakfast meal is rich in fats, sugars and other nutrients and can also be really yummy when eaten with yoghurt.

7. Weight gainer shakes

These shakes are liquid goodness and can be made with a variety of ingredients. These shakes usually involve fruits, chocolate, ice-cream, whole milk, cream, and protein powders. These protein shakes are high in protein, calories and carbohydrates and are fun to drink!

8. Fruits

Fruits can be a bit annoying to eat, but you can make it more enjoyable by making fresh fruit juices by grinding together fruits and coconut water. Especially fruits like bananas, pineapples and mangoes are incredibly healthy and are like a natural energy booster. You can even try fruits in simple vanilla custard, the combo, though simple is mind blowing!

9. Avocados

These delicious fruits are more than their appearance. Black on the outside and a fresh green on the inside, these extremely humble fruits are definitely worth a try. They are loaded in minerals like potassium, vitamins and of course, carbohydrates galore. They can be made into a salad or eaten plain or even simply spread across some yummy toast. Delish!

10. Butter

Although too much butter could be bad for you, it is totally fine to indulge just a little healthy bit of butter if you’re looking to speed up your weight gain. Spreading a bit of butter on your whole grain bread or replacing the vegetable oil for a spoon of butter will help you gain a few more and quickly.

Some other foods like peanut butter and pasta are also great foe natural weight gain.

Here are some Weight Gain tips

. Eat more than 3 smaller proportioned meals per day.
• Exercise regularly.
• Don’t smoke.
• Get enough sleep.
• Track your calorie-intake in a journal, keeping it up to mark.

Some Easy Cardio Exercises Anyone Can Do

Gym memberships are high Price, and food is tasty which does not help any of us to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We often skip over exercising because it’s too time consuming without realizing how bad it is for our health. Especially for people out there who are overweight and are trying all the best diets to help you lose a couple of kgs, and nothing is working, this blog is for you! Exercise and a healthy diet are both necessary to become an appropriate weight and stay that way. But cardio is not just for people trying to lose weight, it is for everyone. It helps to keep your body in constant health check and help you feel energized at all times.
That being said, working out can be really hectic and too much of work, so I’m here to make it a little easier for you. Here are a few cardio exercises that you can do anytime, even at home. 

1. High Knee March

This simple exercise is superb for toning your butt, thighs, calves and core. It helps burn a lot of calories based on how long you can continue the exercise. It is also great for your heart and makes you flexible while strengthening your lower body.


1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.
2. Lift your right leg upwards slightly higher than your waist.
3. Then as you bring it down lift your left leg upwards at the same height.
4. Continuously repeat the same move in a seamless motion.

2. Skipping

This seemingly childish sport is actually an incredible workout exercise. Using the simple and humble tool is one of the most effortless ways to shed fats while simultaneously developing your heart rate. Skipping tones your legs and upper body as well as keeping your body balanced and increases your body’s agility. It also clears up skin making it glow because of the superb blood circulation that occurs after skipping.   


1. Hold skipping rope handles both in each hand while the rope is behind you on the floor.
2. Then bring the rope in front using both hands simultaneously and as it reaches your feet in the front make a swift jump over it.
3. Continuously repeat the same move until you want to stop.

3. Squat Jumps

These jumps help your metabolism and bumps up your blood circulation. It helps your mobility and allows you to achieve a healthy body balance. This exercise even helps those who have bowel problems as it starts the process for excretion of body waste as well as clearing your body of fluid wastes through sweat. Last but not least it also helps in building your upper and lower body strength while ridding you of fats.


1. Stand with your feet should-width apart.
2. Firstly start by descending into a regular squat.
3. Then lift yourself upward, as high as you can, in a fast and strong motioned jump.
4. Land as softly as possible and continue this rep for 2 or 3 sets of 10 reps each.

4. Cycling

Cycling is the perfect exercise for heart health. With increased cardiovascular fitness, it also helps in joint mobility, and body co-ordination, increased strength in the bones, decreased fat levels and reducing stress and related issues.  Because of the deep breathing and increased body temperature of this aerobic exercise there will certainly be a tremendous increase in overall body and heart health.

5. Dancing

This kind of workout can be done by anyone. There are a few dances that are specifically for working out like Zumba, Hip hop, Ballet, Salsa and Swing. Zumba is called the workout dance and it takes steps from Salsa, Merengue and other Latin dances and mashing up simple exercise steps together. Because of the various jumps and b-boying moves that come into hip hop dancing, it is ideal for getting a workout. Ballet may look very deliate but they building up of the core, legs and arms muscles along with maintain perfect balance makes it an intense routine. Swing and Salsa help with body coordination and while building up your muscles and bones

10 Natural Ways to Improve Your Eyesight.

  Eyes are not only just organs of the body; they serve you the vision, the perception and the ability to work your brains on the basis of what you visualize. But it’s very evident that in today’s busy world, we are not taking proper care of it. Moreover, our most of the work are destined to be in front of laptops, PCs and smart phones. And for leisure, we spend our time on phones, tablets, TV screens and online gaming. This leads in eye fatigue and many eye related issues. The result: eye strains, eye pain, temporary blurred vision or double vision, headaches. If not taken proper care of eyes, it can cause diminished eyesight. There are natural ways to bring eyesight issues to end and keep your eyesight normal and improved.

There are simple and natural remedies that can easily improve your eyesight. You just need to keep on doing these simple steps regularly in order to keep your eyes in a good health.

1. Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables
Egg yolks, yellow peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables etc. Are rich in antioxidants. Include these on your diet. Antioxidant rich foods protect the macula from sun damage. Antioxidants including lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene help prevent age-related macular generation, which is a leading cause of blindness.

2. Berries, like blueberries, grapes are rich in anticyclonic and have anti-inflammatory properties which can help improve the vision.

3. DHA rich food boosts eye health as it provides structural support to the cell membranes. DHA is found in cold water fish such as sardines, mackerel, cod, salmon and so on.

4. Garlic, shallots, onions are rich in sulphur, lecithin and cysteine which protects the lens of eyes from cataract formation.

5. Also include foods rich in Vitamin A, C, and E like papaya, bell peppers, cauliflowers, almonds, eggs etc.

6. Roll the eyes by looking up, down and on sides. Move your eyes in circular motion both clockwise and anti clockwise. Repeat this at least 10 times.

7. Massage the temples, forehead, and mid-point of eyebrows, sides of the eyes and bridge of the nose using the thumb knuckles. At least 20 times in circular motion and then in counter clockwise motion.

8. Rub your palms together to generate body heat. Then place your warm palms on your eyes for at least five seconds. This soothes your eyes and calms it down from stress.

9. Take mini naps in between sleeps. Napping rests your eyes and helps it to work better.

10. Have a nice sound sleep for minimum eight hours every day. Sleeping repairs the body function and betters the health of eyes.