16 Signs You Are Intelligent and You Probably Don’t Even Know That You Are.

  Now let’s be honest, there are people with many IQ levels. Some tend to score higher IQs and some lower IQs. Some people like to boast that they are smart, and some hardly speak anything but they are. In fact, you cannot judge someone’s intelligence on the basis of test scores, marks and educational degrees. There are some people who look quite average, but will stun with the level of wisdom they have got.

There are certain qualities that most of the real intelligent people possess. You are also intelligent if you tend to possess the certain qualities.
So here are 16 signs you are intelligent and you probably don’t even know that you are:

1. You don’t think you are smart or intelligent

Real intelligent people never think that they are smart or extremely intelligent. They have a strong sense that knowledge never ends. And they are never satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have. They always crave for knowledge.

2. You love to stay calm and silent

Not all quiet people or silence loving people are intelligent. Neither do all silence seeking people are introvert, cowards and shy as many of the people thinks. True intelligent people don’t engage themselves in pointless irrational conversation. They are good listeners and observers. They take time to think and re-think before making a statement, and hence they seem quiet.

3. You are Rational, Self-Critical

Not all people have the ability to think rationally. Furthermore, intelligent people listen to critics. In fact they are self-critical. They correct and rectify their mistakes and move on tactfully.

4. You are Apologetic whenever you find your fault

Intelligent people do not deny their own faults. They accept it and apologise for it. And no, they are not cowards or being stupid or Unprofessional for that. Rather they are willing to accept their faults and trying their best to please the person or the authority they’ve hurt. In addition to that, they are willing to rectify the faults or mistakes they have done.

5. You Love to be Informed and Updated

Intelligent people love to stay involved in gathering more knowledge and information. They stay updated with the latest national and international news updates, who’s who and also gets involves themselves in researches and gaining knowledge.

6. You Crave for Perfection

They crave for perfection. Even if it takes time, they will do it, slowly with full patience. You will notice improvements as the day goes by. That’s their sign of progress and surely an intelligent way to better things out.

7. You are a bit Lazy

Now this seems a bit odd, but being lazy can be a sign of intelligence. Generally intelligent people think more and hence they seem physically less active. The non-thinkers in turn show more activeness in their life. People who are lazy are actually working their brains while their body are at rest.

8. You are a Night Owl

Staying awake at night doesn’t make you physically active. But people who work their best at night while others are sleeping, tends to score more IQ than the morning people. They do many works, complete their unfinished projects, or do some extra works while all are sleeping, thereby moving one step ahead.

9. You tend to Worry

Studies have shown that intelligent people are more prone to worrying. It motivates them to find a solution for their problem as early as possible. It also makes them alert and conscious and prevents them from anything bad happening.

10. You are Curious

Intelligent people are always hungry for answers. They are curious to know every single thing, that others take it for granted. And that’s how they are smarter and have tons of knowledge and solutions to problems.

11. You Learn from your and other’s Mistakes

Mistakes make you more intelligent, especially when you learn out of it. Intelligent people don’t take their mistakes for granted. They analyze where they are wrong. They correct it and makes sure it never happens again.

12. You Enjoy Jokes

Research has shown that people who love sick jokes are more prone to intelligence. Their level of humour and senses are more developed. Plus they are fun loving as well. They have the ability to understand witty, humorous and even slapstick comedies. They are open to good things.

13. You Love To Hang Around With Creative, Smart and People with Positive People

They want productivity. They try to surround themselves among creative and smart people. Because they themselves are intelligent, which probably they don’t know. They love positive conversations, which can lead them to something fruitful. Hanging around with smart people will fetch them better and innovative ideas.

14. You Face Your Own Problems

Intelligent people know that they are alone and they must face their own problems, no matter how harsh or hard it is. It also makes them stronger and more intelligent in terms of the defence mechanism they learn every time they face their problems.

15. You Ask Questions

Yes, they ask questions, a lot of questions. It can annoy other people, but it’s for their sake of information and knowledge. They don’t like to hide their doubts. They are curious to know things. People might find that stupid, but that’s what makes them different and pretty much intelligent.

16. You Enjoy Lone Time

Lone time or self time is in fact all must have. Intelligent people know this very well. Self time helps them calculate their work progress, to chalk out what works they have done and how much work is left etc. A lone time always helps them to get in touch with themselves better.

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