7 lakhs for Teri Mari Ranu can be seen in the house of Big Boss

He went viral on social media after singing 'Par Ka Nagma Hai' at Ranaghat station. From Ranaghat station go straight to Bollywood. You can understand what is being said about the Ranu Mandal. Himesh Reshammeyer sings 'Teri Marie', the rune-circle in the flash of the camera. Do you know how much Rani Mandal got for singing Himesh Reshammira?
According to the report, Ranu got Rs 3-5 lakh from singing with Himesh Reshmiya. Ranu refused to take the remuneration when he first saw the money. Himesh Reshamia then forcefully handed over the remuneration to Ranu Mandal.
It is heard that Ranu can be seen in the house of 'Big Boss' this time. The 'Big Boss' is set to begin on September 23. It is reported that Ranu Mandal of Ranaghat has received the call of Salman himself to join the Bigg Boss Season 1. However, nothing has been reported on the show's creator yet. Ranu Mandal did not open his mouth.

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