Amazon Fire-How did the Amazon fire start?

For the past few days, the Amazon rainforest fire has taken the night out of environmentalists and government, regardless of the country. Originally, the fire started by clearing farmers' agricultural land. The fire is now showing the Brazilian president's policy and anti-environmental role.
Beginning with the Amazon rainforest, the fire has begun to affect the northern most populated areas, such as Rhondonia and Acre. The whole area is covered with smoke, the sunlight is not coming. Extreme odors and sounds are being found along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) says forest fires in the area have nearly doubled since the 20th century, and have increased by about 8 percent this time last year. This year alone, 12, 5 fire incidents have been reported by the agency. Over the past few days, more than 6,000 fires have been reported, they said.
The weekly Brazil de Fato newspaper reports that farmers were encouraged by Bolsono's anti-environmental statements. They celebrated the fireside on the highway that shattered the rainforest. The report quoted a local newspaper as saying that local farmers caught fire in a part of the rainforest a few days ago and caught the government's attention. One farmer was quoted in the report. "We want to show the president that we want work. We set fire to make our statement clear. "
Alberta Setzer, a researcher at INPE, told Reuters this year that the weather in the area is not too dry. "In dry weather, the fire can spread quickly, but the fire is first put out by people, either intentionally or by accident."
Amazon's fire is so huge that it can be seen from space. The images NASA released on August 4 show the flames spreading, and the satellite has identified the increase in flames in July and August.
Bolsonaro dismisses INPE's research. He said that during this time of the year, farmers set fire to the cultivated land. Brazilian President Ricardo Gavlao sacked INPE scientist in July. Ricardo's crime was that the amount of deforestation that he saw was increasing in his published data. Bolsonaro falsified this information and said that the pictures appearing with the report are fake. Al Jazeera quoted the English Bolsonarek. Such reports, which are not credible, can be extremely detrimental to Brazil's image.
Germany and Norway have stopped sending money to Amazon for forestry programs. Brazil is not trying to save their allegations from the forest. Environmental activists and various indigenous groups are protesting. He has also been widely criticized for his comments and policies.

Bolsonaro was elected president on January 28. In the election campaign, he said his government would open the Amazon area for business. Amazon has a huge amount of gold and other minerals. In addition to adopting policies to increase agricultural business, Bolsonaro opposed protecting the land for the primitive tribes. According to a Washington Post report months before the win, Bolsonaro proposed to exploit the country's natural resources in the Amazon basin. After winning, he said, "Brazil will not sit on its natural resources because some Indians want to be saved."
Under Brazil's forest regulations of the year 6, farmers can buy Amazon's land but cultivate 20 percent of its area. After the fall of the military dictatorship in the 5th, the new constitution granted the legal ownership of the land to the primitive inhabitants of the area. They are entitled to reject the development of their land. Forests were amended in 212. This amendment reduces the amount of waste that was previously required to be returned. The punishment for the destruction of the forest is also reduced by the illegal father. The Brazilian Supreme Court agreed to the changes in 20.

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