Best Places to try Out South Indian Delicacies in kolkata

Who says South Indian food is just confined to Idli and Dosa? It embraces the best beef curries with curry leaves and coconut to the best sooji desserts with LOADS of ghee. Kodava, Mangalorean, Andhra and Kerala cuisine in this city is getting in the groove with these popular choice of restaurants  that offer a range of delectable seafood and meat dishes.

This place specializes in Malayali cuisine and has the best Kerala dry mutton with appam in the city. They also have special menus along with their regular menus for special occasions. It has a open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared right in front of you!

Price for Two: INR 600

Location: 22/1-C, Monohar Pukur Road, Near Sarat Bose Road, Hazra, Kolkata

This place is straight outta the beaches of Goa. The best dish served here is the pork vindaloo which is slow cooked with toddy vinegar and a mixed bag of flavors. Finish off  your meal with their amazing sol kadi  which is a kokum-flavoured drink.

Price for Two: INR 1000

Location: 55, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

This cozy place to eat serves mouth-watering Chettinad, Kodava, Kerala and Goan cuisine. Out of everything they serve, the most mentionable dish is the  Coorgi roast crab. It will most definitely be the best crab meat you have eaten.

Price for Two: INR 700

Location: 24, SR Das Road, Mudiali, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Tamarind does not confine itself to boundaries, but it has opened up its options to Hyderabadi biryani and North Indian dishes as well. All the dishes are equally good but of course, its South Indian platter stands out.

Price for Two: INR 1100

Location: 177, Sarat Bose Road, Deshapriya Park, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata

Like the name suggests this place serves traditional dihes with an added zing. They specialize in  Goan, Chettinad and Kerala cuisines. The house favorite is the squid koli vada which is absolutely out of this world.

Price for Two: INR 700

Location: 14-B, Anil Roy Road, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

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