Best rated Chinese food in Kolkata Once must Visite

Bengalis are “forever foodies”. Dishes like kosha mangsho, macher jhol might be the staple food for Bengalis but as we know Bengalis are forever foodies, it would not be wrong to say that Bengalis drool over Chinese Food too.
Chinese food cuisine’s history in Kolkata dates back to the 18th century with large numbers of Chinese settling on Indian Soil. Chinatown, Tangra is home of several Chinese families. We bring you a list of some of the best rated Chinese joint. Let’s take a Look:

One of the most famous Chinese restaurant in Tangra which is also called China Town. This restaurant is famous for ages now for serving quality and authentic Chinese. Food is cooked by Liu. She has some secret family recipes. Food cooked by her is scrumptious, delicious and tasty.

One of the most popular choice for Chinese in Kolkata. The standard of food here has been compared with the Mainland China. The first outlet in City Centre was inaugurated by Shah Rukh Khan. The buffet is the best option for those who are looking to eat a lot within a budget.

Mainland China
One of the premier fine dining Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata, which even has seafood as a specialty. After popularity in all the major cities of India, it Outlets open in Kolkata. In Kolkata too, it is quite the popular choice for a Chinese meal.

Golden Joy
Golden Joy, situated in Tangra serves pure Chinese ambiance to life. The food served is delicious and will satisfy your Chinese cravings. The price is quite affordable and duck roast is phenomenal too.

Eau Chew
One of the simplest Chinese Outlets in the City of Foodies, Kolkata. This restaurant is owned by a Chinese family, thus provides authentic Chinese food. The specialty of this restaurant is the chimney soup which is unique and exquisite. The restaurant is only opened for a couple of hours, and in spite of that, it is mostly full.

Kim Ling
Kim Ling is a small Chinese restaurant in China Town. This restaurant serves phenomenal Chinese dishes, because of it phenomenal Chinese dishes restaurant receives a fair amount of visitors for a taste of it.

Tung Fong
One of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata situated in Park Street. Tung Fong is a very busy restaurant most days of the week.

China Whites
One of the most popular Chinese restaurant in India Situated in Gariahat which also has a hookah parlor. This restaurant serves Chinese or finger food.

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