Heritage Asset calls Kolkata Tram

Kolkata was originally known as Calcutta, Capital of the Indian state of West Bengal also known as the city of joy, the city of festivals and Cultural Capital of India. It is one of the 6 metro cities of India. Kolkata is an antique city in India. Almost 300 years old, this city has really grown with ages and diversities and compete for head to head with remaining metro cities of India.
Kolkata is full of heritage. Traveling in a tram in Kolkata is one of the best heritage experiences. Almost every person of Kolkata has traveled aboard tram once in Life. The Best time to travel in tram is evening because of the rush; it becomes difficult to get on one during the daytime.

Here are 6 interesting facts about Kolkata Trams:

1. Oldest in Asia

It is the oldest in Asia. In Kolkata, tramways started operating from 1873 and have been running since. Kolkata’s trams are the oldest electrically operated ones in Asia. In India, it is only tramways which are still operating.

2. Horse-Driven Trams

Trams were mostly driven by horses during British Rule in India. The Horses were tied to the coaches in front. The coaches were divided into had first class and second class meant for people belonging to the ruling class and the Indians.

3. Routes and Number of Trams

Out of total 257 trams in Kolkata, 125 operate throughout the city in 25 different routes. These 25 routes almost cover the whole city. It is highly recommended to get on a tram, which takes you northward. There are so many old houses and buildings in northern half. As the tram moves, one can feel the scent of an old city.

4. Steady Ride

The tram ride in Kolkata is very slow but it is a steady ride. The trams move at a very slow speed and sometimes halt at certain points on road. You will get various kinds of peoples and landmarks. The city looks beautiful from inside a tram.

5. Nature-Friendly

Since the trams run on electricity, there are no poisonous emissions in the air. In this way, trams help the city stay clean and safe.

6. High passenger capacity

With all the above facts of Kolkata tram, there is one more thing about the tram. Trams have maximum 60 seats, which is second to only Kolkata metro for its traffic. The ticket rates are very cheap. The trams are very airy and comfortable. To find such comfort at such cheap rates you have to travel in Kolkata tram.

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