Jalebi: The King of Bong Desserts

For a foodie bong, the festive season cannot end without having some delicious and mouthwatering desserts! With the arrival of opaque green monsoon, it’s the time for the chariot festival, Rath Yatra in Bengal. And, it’s quite established a fact that a food lover bong’s Rath Yatra cannot end without munching some round, juicy and hot and sweet jalebis altogether!  Even the thoughts about those round deep-fried flour pretzels dipped into extravagantly sweet sugar syrup definitely give a passionate craving in every bong’s foodie heart!

Though Jalebi is primarily popular as a mela snack in Bengal, if we look back to its history we will find sweet and mouth-watering flavor through ages that gave the beloved dessert its present fame! Jalebi widely called ‘Jilipi’ in Bengali, is also known as Zulbia and Zalabia in different parts of Asia and the Middle East!

Extremely popular as a sweet dish in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and several countries of the Middle East, the dessert is very close to heart for its chewy, melting texture and caramelized exterior coating! It can be eaten warm or cold but every food lover knows nothing can compete for the joy of munching hot melting and juicy jalebis ever!

If you are thinking of making some to make the Rath Yatra evening yummy and memorable, then just prepare your batter with all purpose flour, pea seed flour, a perfect pinch of salt and add some black cumin and anise to have an unforgettable after taste! Now lit your oven, and pour generous amount of vegetable oil into the cauldron. Take your semi-thick batter in a container that has a hole in the back of it, support the hole with your finger and then pour the batter in pretzel shape in hot oil through the hole! Deep fry the round-shaped pretzels and dip those well in extremely sweet sugar syrup! You can prepare the syrup with honey and rose water also but the caramelized sugar syrup suits bong taste buds better! Don’t wait for the jalebis to turn cold just grab some and enjoy the juicy delicacy! Spare some for later fun, wait until the jalebis are cold in room temperature and save them in the refrigerator. Cold refrigerated jalebis will give you an uncanny sense of pleasure altogether! Try some hot jalebis after dipping those pieces of joy into cold rabri (One of the most loved Bengali sweet dish). We can assure you have never tasted such amazing sweetness ever before!

Enjoy the festive season to the fullest. May this chariot festival retain all happiness in your life. Love food every day. Eat some jalebis to forget all the dark memories, this chariot festival. Love, live and enjoy Bengal’s unique cuisine every day!

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