"Mom is a celebrity now" History of Ranu Mondal ranaghat to mumbai

Wear impeccable clothing, Ushko dull hair. But netizens are fascinated by his voice. Right now viral ranaghat's runu song in the net world. The video shows the life of Ranu Maria Mandal surrounded by poverty. So spend his days at the station or platform. Sitting there, he sang Ye Payar Ka Nagma Hai. The video of the song was viral straight from Mumbai.
The melody of Ranu's song is truly startling. Poor, impure garments, all these things have gone ahead with the song of Ranu. On the way to the Ranaghat platform, people gave him 2-5 taka while singing. This is how the stomach runs out. His talent went viral on social media. And then the netizens became fascinated by his harmonious neck. Not just on the platform now. Many people are gathering in his house.
The runner of a family of scarcity. He also had a daughter. But she also forgot about her daughter who lost her mental balance. But now it is Ranu's turn to start life again. Ranu has been contacted by a private channel in Mumbai. But Ranu has no identity card for the mentally unbalanced rune. Identity card is required if you are traveling abroad or abroad. So it is becoming a hindrance to his progress.
But he does not give importance to all, Ranu is singing in his own mind. Sometimes love is Nagma, sometimes Bande Mataram, how much more! But in the meantime, his daughter sometimes reads his mind. Daughter Swati Roy said. Soon he will come to see her. In the middle of the song, the girl is waiting for her day.
The appearance of the mother wandering on the TV screen, the mother singing, the puffy hair, dry face. The news of the mother's viral has reached the daughter Sathi Roy. Just then you will come to visit. The girl kept talking. The daughter met her mother on Monday morning. The mother gave the girl a song. Rana Mandal, the mother of Ranaghat, was swept away by the embrace of the girl.
However, there is a competition for music on various television channels to find out all the great talent that is hidden in every corner of the country. There are many talented children from there But beyond that, there are many whose talent is worth looking into And thanks to social networking sites like Facebook!

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