Places you Won't Believe that Exist

This beautiful ‘firefly effect’ is caused by organisms called ostracod crustaceans, that glow for a minute or maybe longer and emit bright displays of light.

Do you want to walk into a starry sea?

Called the world’s largest mirror, this is the world’s largest salt flat, which is the after effect of all its prehistoric evaporated lakes. In some periods of the year, lakes that are close by overflow and a thin layer of water changes these salt flats into a gigantic and extremely clear mirror that reflects the sky with striking perfection.

Mirror mirror on the floor....

Door to Hell, Darwaza, Turkmenistan

This gigantic fire hole was created by accident when a Soviet rig accidentally punctured a hole into an underground natural gas cavern. The ground beneath the rig gave way and collapsed inwards taking the rig down with it causing a huge hole. Poisonous fumes started to leak because of which the Soviets lit the hole on fire, assuming the fire will go out in a few days. It still burns to this day.

Slope Point, New Zealand

This region is constantly hit with ferocious and chilly south westerly winds that come from the Antarctica region. These strong winds have over the years caused the trees to bend over and twist in a very remarkable manner.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

Surrounded by three separate countries, Mount Roraima is a 2 billion year old geological formation which is the highest mountain of the Pakaraima chain of the tepui plateau. This serene mount, that gives the impression of a floating island, has over this long period created a unique eco system for itself, with rare and beautiful plants including a carnivorous plant called the pitcher plant.

Stone Forest, Madagascar

Sticking up out of the ground like razor-sharp knives, these tall rock formations are made from limestone and get sharper and sharper due to the erosion caused by rainfall. Nut don’t let looks deceive you, in spite of this appearance, life still prevails in the form of extremely rare and wonderful animals and creatures. Among these animals you could find 100 species of birds, 40 species of reptiles and 11 species of lemurs.

Abraham Lake, Canada

The Abraham Lake, when frozen in winter, creates an amazing effect under the sheet of clear ice it becomes. Thousands of bubble filled with methane gas are formed and frozen in the ice. The methane originates from the bacterium that releases it after consuming decomposing organic material. The sight is incredible is superbly unique.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

This hauntingly beautiful lake which has a bright red colour is that way because of the high alkali content due to the ashy residue and debris that enters the lake through rainfall streaming down the surrounding hills. Associated with being deadly as it is filled with dead animals, it actually supports a full-fledged eco-system in spite of its pH level being as high as 10.5

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, U.S.A.

This rainbow coloured spring is a marvellous sight and has some amazing scientific reason for each colour. In the centre the bluest blue the temperature is the hottest reaching 87 degree Celsius, which does not allow for much life to exist in that portion. But going outward from the centre the temperature lowers therefore encourages bacteria to breed in those areas. Each colour indicates a breeding ground for separate bacteria. Beautiful isn’t it?

Huacachina, Peru

Located in Southern Peru, this is a magical desert oasis that is said to have healing powers. This beautiful oasis is right in the middle of the desert and surrounded by beautiful palm trees which completely contrast to its surrounding consisting of sand dunes.

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