Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya True Story

Flight of dreams, Runyu is playing back in Bollywood
Nadia Ranu Mandal, who got celebrity medal overnight on social media, shared the song with Himesh Reshammiya.
Runu sang 'Teri mari kahani' in the recording studio.
Ranu sings the song "Teri mari kahani" in the upcoming Bollywood movie Happy Hardy and Hir.

On July 25, Ranu became famous overnight on social media by singing a song by Lataji. In the last one month, the number of viewers has reached nearly billions. Even ordinary people from different parts of the country, many talented artists are praising the singer. Himesh had promised to run the song on the superstar Singer's stage.

The dream that he would become such a person might not even think of himself Viral singer Ranu Mondal sang the first song with Himesh Reshammiya. Ranuhat, who went viral, showed that he had a knack for getting guns. It showed that it doesn't take long to change fate if it is from true talent.
Singer Imesh Reshmmiya shared the video of the recording on his Twitter and wrote a recording of the song for his own film Happy Hardy. Himesh himself acted in the film. And Ranu is backing up the play.

Today, this road is nothing less than a dream for him to beg at Ranaghat station. He got the attention of many overnight as a video of his song was released.
Ranu Mondal was married to Babul Mandal of Mumbai. She returned to Ranaghat after her husband died. He used to sing at the train station. Then the video of his song went viral on Facebook. This time, Ranu arrived straight from Mumbai's song recording studio.

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