Some Foods you must eat to Gain Weight Naturally

For most people losing weight is the priority, but I’m sure you have the opposite problem. You’re too skinny and your looking over at other peoples booty’s and biceps wishing you too had some kind of flesh on your bones. Well all that’s about to change and you can do it naturally, so you know that it’s safe.

Here are a few foods which can help you to gain weight organically.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are incredibly rich in carbohydrates proteins and vitamins. They can help you gain the weight you require and are especially good for you with the skin on. I personally love baked and mashed potatoes!

2. Proteins like Red meats

Yup for all those who are planning to gain weight but are vegetarian, things will have to change if you are really determined.  Red meats, eggs, fish and chicken are rich in protein and can help you put flesh on, much more easily.

3. Drink whole milk

We don’t always understand the importance of mil in our diet and often skip over it for unhealthy substitutes. But drinking whole milk can gain you weight because of the fat content. Next time you are shopping do not pick up the skimmed milk box!

4. Whole grain bread

We all usually prefer white bread, not understanding that it gives way less nutrients and fibers than whole grain brown bread which also helps with weight gain because it is packed with carbohydrates.

5. Stuff your face with cheese

Looking at all your buddies staying away from yummy cheese so they can lose a couple kgs, should inspire you to pick up some cheesy foods and gulp them down! Cheese is not just filled with fats, protein, vitamins and minerals it is also extremely tasty! So go cheese crazy!

6. Granola

There are delicious and healthy granola snack bars which help you gain weight super fast. If you want to go even more natural you can eat plain Granola which is a mixture of rolled oats, nuts, dry fruits, puffed rice and also includes sweeteners like honey and brown sugar. This breakfast meal is rich in fats, sugars and other nutrients and can also be really yummy when eaten with yoghurt.

7. Weight gainer shakes

These shakes are liquid goodness and can be made with a variety of ingredients. These shakes usually involve fruits, chocolate, ice-cream, whole milk, cream, and protein powders. These protein shakes are high in protein, calories and carbohydrates and are fun to drink!

8. Fruits

Fruits can be a bit annoying to eat, but you can make it more enjoyable by making fresh fruit juices by grinding together fruits and coconut water. Especially fruits like bananas, pineapples and mangoes are incredibly healthy and are like a natural energy booster. You can even try fruits in simple vanilla custard, the combo, though simple is mind blowing!

9. Avocados

These delicious fruits are more than their appearance. Black on the outside and a fresh green on the inside, these extremely humble fruits are definitely worth a try. They are loaded in minerals like potassium, vitamins and of course, carbohydrates galore. They can be made into a salad or eaten plain or even simply spread across some yummy toast. Delish!

10. Butter

Although too much butter could be bad for you, it is totally fine to indulge just a little healthy bit of butter if you’re looking to speed up your weight gain. Spreading a bit of butter on your whole grain bread or replacing the vegetable oil for a spoon of butter will help you gain a few more and quickly.

Some other foods like peanut butter and pasta are also great foe natural weight gain.

Here are some Weight Gain tips

. Eat more than 3 smaller proportioned meals per day.
• Exercise regularly.
• Don’t smoke.
• Get enough sleep.
• Track your calorie-intake in a journal, keeping it up to mark.

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