Some Photography tricks you can master

Photography sometimes demands a lot of equipment but we always cannot arrange for them. Thi8s where creativity comes in and regular household items come to our rescues.

Here are a few photography tricks you can try at home:

1. Use a lamp for a tripod
If you are lacking a tripod for a group photograph, simply remove the lamp shade off the lamp and screw your camera on the holder. Generally, the thread size of the lock on a lamp is precisely the same as the filter thread used on tripods, so your camera will fit in easily.

2. Day to night in a flash
If you’re bored of the natural lighting during outdoor shoots, power up the flash to the max. This will, evidently, make the subject matter particularly bright.  If you modify your camera settings to expose for the subject matter, it will make the backdrop look tremendously dark as the flash won’t hit it. This will make your pictures look like they were taken in the middle of the night!

3. Play with the lens for macro
Without a shadow old doubt, this is the coolest camera trick ever.  In case you do not have a macro lens, simply take off your lens and hold it in front of the camera to get one. You got to try this to know how wonderfully it works! But make sure your camera is on manual mode and the best focal length should be around 50mm, a 50mm prime or a 18-55mm kit lens would be just the thing! Also, the camera will not be able to open up the aperture, so you'll do it with your hand.  If you want to notch this up to a different level, you can also buy a reverse lens mount.

4. Use a plastic bag on your lens to get a haze and blur effect
Simply crumble a plastic bag and secure it with an elastic band on the lens. Slash it at the middle axis to create a stretch mark effect and a fading transition effect from the blurred to sharp region. Double up on the plastic to achieve a greater blurred effect.

5. Take dreamland pictures
To take dreamy shots, simply slow down your camera’s shutter speed and with a neutral density (ND) filter. You will be able to take pictures where running water looks very calm and silky, or moving clouds look like dreamlike streaks against the sky. The natural density filters allows you to regulate the amount of light in the image and lets you have more control over the image quality.

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