Some Watering Sweets that Bengalis Live For you Must Try These

Bengalis are undoubtedly big foodies! And sweets are the paramount ingredient in Bengali people’s food cycle. Without ‘Misti’ i.e. the sweets, life of Bengalis are totally incomplete. Be it any occasions, like marriage, festivals, family get-together, victory, ‘Pujas’ or anything; sweets intensifies that little happiness into more of a social occasion.

Mistis acts like a catalyst to Bengali’s happiness index. If you visit Bengal, you are definitely going to see sweet shops at every corners of the street.

Bengalis crave for it and live for it. It’s in no way one can deny that it’s one of the yummiest dishes in the world. Freshly made with simple ingredients, Bengalis have that special cooking talent to mould it into different shapes, give them different flavours and make each and every sweet to taste different and delicious.

So here are the 14 mouth watering sweets that Bengalis live for and everyone in the world must try these:

1. Kalo Jam

Kalo Jam also known as ‘Kala Jamun’ in other parts of India got a heavenly taste indeed. The sweet looks like rosogolla except from the fact that it’s of dark colour, somewhat near to black. “Kalo Jamun” is typically made of ‘khoya’ and ‘paneer’ and the dark colour is attained by frying the jamun at a low flame. Tastes amazing!

2. Darbesh

Darbesh is one of the popular sweets that are devoured by the Bengalis. It’s kind of a lookalike to Boondi Laddoo. But it tastes different than a Boondi Laddoo. Darbesh is made mainly out of Khowa or Mawa. It’s served especially on marriage or during the Puja ceremonies. But on sweet shops, it’s available anytime! So grab it and eat it!

3. Kheer Kadam 

This will surely excite your taste bud. Kheer Kadam is a unique looking sweet that will pamper you taste-buds instantly. It’s a dumpling made with sweetened khoya and is stuffed with spongy kind of rasogolla (a bit dry rasogolla) on the inside. So it’s kind of a sweet within a sweet. A double-treat for your mouth!

4. Lobongo Latika

Simple and tasty treat but different than rest of the sweets that’s made of milk or curdling. It has dough, filling and sugar syrup secured with lobongo or clove on top. The filling is made up of khoya, grated coconut, sugar, nutmeg powders. Also other dry fruits are added into it. The lobongo or clove that’s used for enclosing the filling, gives a fresh taste after consuming the sweet filling.

5. Khirer Chop

It’s a stuffed sweet, lightly tossed in sugar syrup. The mouth watering sweet delicacy is made of flour, suji, milk, sugar, nutmeg and bread. Khirer chop is an all time favourite for the Bengalis. Indeed a delicious munches!

6. Malai Chom Chom

Malai chom chom is something no Bengalis can ever live without it. It’s similar to rosogolla, except the shape and ingredients. It’s coated with coconut flakes and pistachios with a hint of Kesar. And the creamy Malai on top gives that delightful feeling, totally divine!

7. Nikuti

You will lick your fingers after eating this. That’s why ‘Nikuti’ is in the list you see! Dipped in condensed milk, this creamy and yummy balls of sweet when enters into the mouth, it feels like top of the world! If you define happiness, then probably this is what it is!

8. Pantua

Looks kind of like gulab jamun, but it’s different. This traditional Bengali sweet is no doubt among the top favourite list. These sweet fried balls are made up of semolina, milk, chhana and ghee. The rich brown colour and one little bite is enough to make you a Pantua addict!

9. Pati Shapta

Mild sweetness with fine texture –Pati Shapta is just perfect for any occasion! Thin crepe is made of sooji, maida and rice flour and the filling is made of coconut and jaggery. The filling is wrapped by the crepe made to look like rolls. One can either eat it hot or cold.

10. Nolen Gurer Paayesh

This special winter delicacy is every Bengali’s sweetheart. It can be made anytime though. The Nolen Gurer Payesh is made up of rice, milk and a special ‘gur’ that’s available during winter season. The richness of milk and jaggery will make you get lost into a whole new world.

11. Rajbhog

Spongy Rasogollas stuffed with dry fruits and coloured with kesar will take you to heaven. Rajbhog is the exquisite version of soft rasogollas. A must try for all.

12. Rosogolla

Bengali’s first choice is of course Rasogolla. The spongy soft round and white misti, dipped in sugar syrup is a next to heaven in terms of sweets. If the syrup doesn’t wet your mouth inside and outside then you are probably eating it wrong. Whatever may be happy occasion is, rasogollas are always on the Bengali’s menu.

13. Sitabhog

It is the rice dish which is sweetened and mixed with mini balls of gulab jamun. It gives various textures within one dish.

14. Joynagarer Moya

It’s a seasoned sweet mainly available in winter time. Date palm jaggery and puffed rice is what this sweet is made up of and it makes a divine taste and the lust won’t just be over. Nolen gur, Kanakchur khoi, elach, posto, gawa ghee are the main ingredients that make it delicious.

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