Things to do in Digha West Bengal Kolkata

  If you have a long weekend at hand and wanderlust in your soul, set out a weekend trip to Digha. Located at the northern most end of the Bay of Bengal, Digha is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones and bask in the sun.
Here are 5 things you can do when in Digha.
Explore the beaches
The New Digha Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Digha. It is 2 km away from main Old Digha Beach. The beaches are full of white sand and lined with trees on the sides. If you want to walk away from the crowd, the Shankarpur Beach is the solution for you. Hit the beach early in the morning to catch the sunrise. You can spend the day by the beach sitting down and lazying around. Do not forget to see how the fishermen haul their huge net out of the sea to catch fish.

Don’t Go For Restaurants
Digha is a paradise for all foodies. The fresh haul from the sea is cooked in front of you. You might find a lot of restaurants in the beach town, but you must go out in the wild and try out the authentic taste of the sea! It is definitely going to change your perception about fishes in general.

Go For Local Shopping!
The local handicrafts made out of shells are an absolute hit. They are not only cheap but they are also very beautiful to look at. Apart from handicrafts, you can buy things made out of bamboo. Be sure  not to bargain a whole lot because they are extremely nominal and the proceeds add to various NGOs.

If you are Lucky, Attend A Beach Party
It is quite a rare sight now a days but you might be lucky to find a lit party on the beach itself. These beach parties are exceptionally entertaining. There is loud music, fishes on the grill, loud music and the crash of the waves, which will surely make your day!

Take A Walk Around The Beach At Night
The beach looks extraordinarily beautiful at night. The wind and the waves are perfectly coupled to give you the right ambience. If you are with your friends, and you happen to find time for yourself, you can simply go there and sit by yourself.  It will be one of the most prized times of your trip!

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