Water taxi in Kolkata

Travelers Weary of Kolkata's congested roads now have a faster option for visiting places like Millennium Park in central Kolkata or Belur Math and Dakshineswar Temple in the North with the water taxi service by Vivada Inland water Transport launching. State Transport department is going to introduce water taxis on Hooghly River along the Lines of Thames River in London.

A Senior official from Transport department said that each taxi would have a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers. “Initially, we will run two taxis as a pilot project.  A full-fledged service of this water taxis is expected to begin this year. The main aim is to facilitate tourism on the river, allowing people to move from tourist hotspots such as Bagh Bazar, Belur Math, Dakshineshwar and Millennium Park,” the official added.

This would be the first-of-its-kind project which will boost the tourism sector in West Bengal. It will provide hassle-free transportation to people visiting places like Dakhineswar and Belur Math from BBD Bagh.

In the initial plans, the water taxi services would be available on two routes. One would connect Millennium park with Dakhineswar via Belur Math and the Second one would connect Millennium park with Belur Math vis Dakhineswar.

Initially, Service would start between Dakhineswar/Belur Math on the pilot basis. Two seats among eight seats will be the reserve for motorman and security personnel while remaining six will be occupied by passengers. Boat cost would around Rs 14 lakh for each. This project will help to facilitate tourism along River Hooghly.

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